covid-19 regulations

General guidelines

*Classrooms will only accommodate 10 students at a time

*Aftercare room is closed for occupancy, however, it will be used to accommodate

   in the event that a child falls ill.

*Enhanced staffing plan will include staff members designated to select students at a time

*There will be assigned restrooms for each group 

*A minimum of 50 sq ft of space per child is available for all children 2 years and


* Program will provide additional 4 sq ft – beyond regular licensing- of sleeping

      space per child.   

*Ensuring sleeping cots are placed 6 feet apart.

*A child that becomes ill while in the center care will be isolated in the aftercare room. 

*The aftercare room has an exit door, in which parents can pickup without contact with other children.

* Parent will be notified and requested to pick up child immediately.

* Child will not be allowed to return until they are symptom free without 

    medications for 24hs. Everyone (child, parent/guardian child and staff members) will undergo a health screening upon arrival at the daycare center.

* Visual check for symptoms such as flushed cheeks, cough, rapid breathing, fatigue,

   or extreme elevated moods.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

* Every classroom will be sanitized thoroughly prior to opening each day and

   prior to closing

* Every classroom will be sanitized at least once each morning, during nap time

   and each afternoon

* Playground equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after each group use.

  * There will only be one small group allowed to recess at the playground at a time (Weather Permitting).

* Bathroom sinks, toilets, door knobs, and ‘waiting room’ chairs will be completely

   sanitized after every use

* Commonly touched surfaces such as light switches, countertops, tables, desks,

   toys, phones, keyboards, computer mouse, and other items identified as

   frequently handled will be sanitized.


Child Arrival

* Parents are strongly encouraged to drop off and pick up at the front doors

   without coming inside the center.  If a parent feels like they must come inside

   the center, they must wear face mask and shoe covers available at the center.


Child departure

* Designated departures hours are 3:30 – 6:00 pm

* To ensure social distancing, parents will call the center and the staff will escort

   child to door one at time. 

* staff will sign out and deposit pen in labeled container for sanitizing


Children Learn in English, French and Spanish • Advanced Curriculum • Advanced Math and Reading• Clean and Bright Environment • Qualified Teachers • Bilingual Staff • Healthy Meals

We guarantee your child will be reading by Kindergarten or earlier. It is our teachers' goal that our graduates be accepted in gifted and advanced programs in the first grade.

Give Your Children The Future They Deserve.

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